Nagpur City
Railway In 1867

The present city of Nagpur was founded at the beginning of the 18th century by the Gond Raja Bakht Buland. It subsequently became the capital of the Bhonslas, was sacked and burnt in 1765 and again partially burnt in 1811 by the Pindaris, but it grew with the growth of the Bhonsla kingdom and was considerably improved by the Rajas of that dynasty. In 1817 it witnessed the battles of Sitabaldi and Nagpur, which secured British influence in these territories, and in 1853 it lapsed with the kingdom to the British Raj to become in 1861 the capital of the Central Provinces. At the time of the Mutiny there was but little disturbance in the city. A riot occurred in 1896 at the commencement of the famine, and there was another in 1899 when plague preventive measures were first enforced, but both were easily suppressed. Since its assumption as British territory the history of the town has been one of peaceful growth, quickened by the advent of the Great Indian Peninsula Railway in 1867, retarded at times by fame, and in more recent years so greatly stimulated by the development of the cotton industry that five severe epidemics of plague have not stopped the advance.

Nagpur History
History And Archeology Of Nagpur
Bakht Buland
British Rule
Gond Kingdom (Deogarh)
Haihaya King
Ponwars Of Malwa
Ram Ruled
Rashtrakuta Kings
Vakataka Rajput Kings
Leading Families Of Nagpur
Ahirrao Family
Bhonsla Family
Bose family
Chitnavis Family
Daga Family
Deshmukh Family
Ghatate Family
Gojar Family
Naik Family
Nimbalkar Family
Pandit Family
Subhedar Family
Upadhe Family
Nag River Of Nagpur
Nagpur City
Agriculture Experiments And Zoological Collection In The City
Bifercation of The City
Churches In Ehe City
City In 18th Century
Education Institutes And Hospital In The City
Empress Mill In The City
Establishment of Municipality In City
Formation of Government Offices In The City
Formation of The City
Improvement In The City
New Places Found In City
Railway In 1867
Nagpur Tahsil
RainFall And Climate Of Nagpur
Why it is called Nagpur


Ram Navami 2024 Celebration in Nagpur


On April 17, 2024, the city of Nagpur will come together in a harmonious celebration of Ram Navami, marking the birth of Lord Rama. This day is observed with great enthusiasm, as temples fill with devotees, streets burst into processions, and homes light up with decorations. It's a time when the city's rich cultural heritage shines brightly, reflecting the enduring values and teachings of one of Hinduism's most revered deities. Temple Visits The Poddareshwar Ram Mandir, with its magnificent architecture and spiritual ambiance, invites dev

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