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Leading Families Of Nagpur
Gojar Family

The Gojar family are closely connected with the Bhonslas. The present representative Naoloji Rao Gojar, is the adopted son of Yashwant Rao, who was grandson of a daughter of Modhoji I. He inherited the estate given to this daughter and has 48 villages, which are held free of revenue and yields an income of Rs. 35,000 a year. Naoloji Rao is about 38 and is an Honorary Assistant Superintendent of Police and Honorary Magistrate. He has one married daughter and is somewhat heavily involved. Another Gojar family is that of Pandurang Rao, whose father was one of the seven Councilors of Raghuji III. He has a small political pension. Venkat Rao Gojar is the adopted son of Krishna Rao Abe Sahib, who was grandson of sister of Raghuji III. He has  a large estate of 50 villages, of which 45 are held free of revenue. He is a minor and the estate is under the management of the Court of Wards, while Venkat Rao is being educated at the Rajkumar College, Raipur. The Sirke family are also closely connected with the Bhonslas, Sirke being one of the clans with which the ruling family intermarried. They rived their name from the goddess Shirka, who is said to have assisted them in the conquest of a portion of Konkan. The family is now in straitened circumstances and has very title property. Daji Sahib Sirke, who was its had, died in 1907. His sister Darya Bai was the wife of raghuji 111 and adopted janoji, the father of Ragjuji Rao and Lakshamna Rao. And another sister was married to Yashwant Rao Gujar, the adoptive father of Naoloji Rao The family also intermarried with the Rajas of Satara.

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