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What is the definition of a caterpillar?
A worm in a fur coat!
Kapil Maske
What does a caterpillar do on New Years Day?
Turns over a new leaf!
Kapil Maske
Q: What do you get if cross a Tomcat with a Pekingese?
A: A Peking Tom!
Kapil Maske
Q: On what should you mount a statue of your cat?
A: A caterpillar!
Kapil Maske
Q: What is white, sugary, has whiskers and floats on the sea?
A: A catameringue!
Kapil Maske
Q: Why is a crazy marmalade cat like a biscuit?
A: They are both ginger nuts!
Kapil Maske
Q: Why do tomcats fight?
A: Because they like raising a stink!
Kapil Maske
Q: What do you get if cross a cat with a canary?
A: Shredded tweet!
Kapil Maske
Q: What does a lion brush his mane with?
A: A catacomb!
Kapil Maske
Q: Why did the cat put the letter "M" into the fridge?
A: Because it turns "ice" into "mice"!
Kapil Maske
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