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Navegaon-Nagzira Tiger Reserve is situated in Gondia and Bhandara Districts of Maharashtra. The reserve is rich in bio-diversity and has linkages with Kanha, Pench and Tadoba Tiger Reserves. The topography is undulating and the highest point viz. Zenda Pahad is around 702m above MSL. Navegaon-Nagzira Tiger Reserve is locked in the arms of nature and adorned with a picturesque landscape, fantastic vegetation and serves as a living outdoor museum to explore and appreciate nature. This tiger reserve, now popularly known as NNTR supports a variety of flora and fauna. The area supports a good population of herbivorous which acts as an important pray-base for the Carnivores. The carnivores includes Wild Dogs, Leopards and of-course the Tigers. Herbivorous includes mammals like Spotted Deer, Barking Deer, Four Horned Antelope, Indian Guar etc. If you are luck you may also spot a gliding squirrel in the evening on your way back. The lake of Nagzira has a variety of species of fish. Many authors like Shri. Vyankatesh Madgulkar, Mr. Kiran Purandare have authored books on Nagzira, which received national fame. NNTR also supports a healthy population of Birds like the Grey Headed Fish Eagle, Orioles, Woodpeckers, Eagles, Owls etc. Amongst the Tree Species Teak, Arjun, Dhawda, Moha, are dominant ones. We at NNTR assure you that your visit to this Jewel of Vidarbha would give you a life time experience.Distance from Nagpur to Navegaon Nagzira Tiger Reserve is 152 KM. Catch all the photos, news and reviews of Navegaon Nagzira Tiger Reserve on NP. Book Online this enjoyable place.
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Navegaon Nagzira Tiger Reserve

Item Navegaon National Park & Sanctuary Koka W.L.S Nagzira & New Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary
Name of Gate
Tourism on
Jambhadi Kholi Baki Pitambertola Chandrapur (Koka) Pitezari Chorkhamara 1 Mangezari Umarzari Chorkhamara 2
Nearest Places
to Reach Entry Gate
Nawegaon Bandh
Nawegaon bandh
Near by Bhandara to paladi
Tiroda-Sakoli Major District Road Gondia –Goregaon
S.H. No.275
Major District Road
1 Day of
closing for Tourism
Friday Friday Friday Friday Friday Thursday Thursday Thursday Thursday Thursday
2 Maximum
Number of Vehicles
Morning 3 3 3 5 5 10 5 3 6 5
Evening 3 3 3 5 5 11 6 3 7 5
3 Park Entry Fees Rs. Per Tourist on all Day's Indian Citizen Per Adult 30/- 30/- 30/- 30/- 30/- 50/- 50/- 50/- 50/- 50/-
Indian Citizen Per Student (above 5 Years) 15/- 15/- 15/- 15/- 15/- 25/- 25/- 25/- 25/- 25/-
Non Indian Per Adult 60/- 60/- 60/- 60/- 60/- 100/- 100/- 100/- 100/- 100/-
Non Indian Per Student (above 5 Years) 30/- 30/- 30/- 30/- 30/- 50/- 50/- 50/- 50/- 50/-
4 Park Entry Fees per Vehicle Jeep, Car 100/- 100/- 100/- 100/- 100/- 150/- 150/- 150/- 150/- 150/-
Mini Bus 150/- 150/- 150/- 150/- 150/- 200/- 200/- 200/- 200/- 200/-
5 Guide Fees Per Trip (To be paid at the entry gate.) 300/- 300/- 300/- 300/- 300/- 300/- 300/- 300/- 300/- 300/-
5 Park closure period 1) (Safari Time Forenoon: 6.30 to 11.00 A.M. Afternoon 2.30 to 6.30 P.M. )16 June to 30 th September, Holi first & Second day & Buddha Poornima

1) Tent Facilities & One 20 Seater Safari vehicle is available at Pitezari Gate. Please Contact Shri Mangesh Madavi President, Eco Development Committee, Pitezari Mob. No.9764149604

2) One 8 Seater Safari vehicle available at Chorkhamara Gate, Please

Park closed
during Monsoons
1stJuly to
     15th October


1st Oct to 30th Nov
Entry Exit Entry Exit
6 am - 8 am 10 am 2.30pm - 4pm 6.30pm
1st Dec to 28th / 29th Feb
Entry Exit Entry Exit
6.30am - 8.30am 11am 2pm - 3.30pm 6pm
1st Mar to 30th April
Entry Exit Entry Exit
5.30am - 7.30am 10 am 3pm - 4.30pm 6.30pm
1st Dec to 28th / 29th Feb
Entry Exit Entry Exit
6.30am - 8.30am 11am 2pm - 3.30pm 6pm

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