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The area shown below in the table of Melghat, Wan and Ambabrwa sanctuaries includes non forest area also but in the notification issued for the respective sanctuaries, the non forest area is excluded. The Melghat, nestling in the Satpuda hill ranges of Forsyth’s and Dunbar’s Central India’s vast tracts of inviolate natural forests, consisting of unique and representative ecosystems with rich biodiversity and varied habitats offered by deep valleys (locally known as khoras) and high hills (locally known as Ballas), daunted with rivers and nallahs having water all the year round in the ‘doh’, was the natural choice for the community of foresters in Maharashtra, when it came to choose an area for preserving it for posterity and for ensuring that the ‘Tiger’ the most magnificent and flagship of the Indian wild species, could sustain a viable population and survive for the eternity. The fascinating landscape, its enchanting beauty and richness leave everlasting imprints on people visiting the area. Melghat Tiger Reserve is one of the earliest 9 Tiger Reserves established by the Government of India and is the First Tiger Reserve to be declared in the State of Maharashtra. It came into being on 22nd February, 1974. Nagpur to Melghat Tiger Reserve Distance is 259 KM. Grab the Photos, news and reviews of Melghat Tiger Reserve on NP. Book Online and enjoy your tour.
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Melghat Tiger Reserve

Distance From

NAGPUR TO Melghat 259 KM

GATE ENTRY OF Melghat Tiger Reserve
Item Sipna Wildlife Division Gate's Gugamal Wildlife Division Gate's Akot Wildlife Division
Dharghad Ambabarwa/Was ali Wan/Zari Narnala/Shahanoor Harisal Chikhaldara/ Vairat Semadoh
1 Closed for
Tourism on
      Tuesday Tuesday Tuesday Tuesday
2 Maximum Number of Vehicles Morning 22 22 22 8 20 20 20
Evening 21 21 21 8 20 20 20
3 Park Entry Fees Rs. Per Tourist on all Day's Per Adult
( > 12 Years)
40 40 40 40 40 40 40
Per Adult
( < 12 Years)
15 15 15 15 15 15 15
4 Park Entry Fees per Vehicle Jeep, Car 100 100 100 100 100 100 100
5 Camera Fees (Up to 250 mm lens) 200 200 200 200 200 200 200
6 Camera Fees (Above 250mm Lens) 250 250 250 250 250 250 250
7 Guide fees + Safari fees 300 300 300 300 300 300 300
5 Park closure period Jungle Safari will be closed during Monsoon and Wildlife Census period
Park closed
during Monsoons
1stJuly to
     15th October


1st Oct to 30th Nov
Entry Exit Entry Exit
6 am - 8 am 10 am 2.30pm - 4pm 6.30pm
1st Dec to 28th / 29th Feb
Entry Exit Entry Exit
6.30am - 8.30am 11am 2pm - 3.30pm 6pm
1st Mar to 30th April
Entry Exit Entry Exit
5.30am - 7.30am 10 am 3pm - 4.30pm 6.30pm
1st Dec to 28th / 29th Feb
Entry Exit Entry Exit
6.30am - 8.30am 11am 2pm - 3.30pm 6pm

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