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Gorewada Lake is situated on the north-west corner of Nagpur city. It is created with a dam 2,350 feet long. In 1912, Gorewada Lake was developed by the water works department as the primary drinking water source for Nagpur's 1.01 lakh population. Bordered by thick forest, Gorewada Lake and its surrounding is the habitat for avian species and some wild life. The government of Maharashtra has started to develop a 1914 hectare safari in the forest regions surrounding the lake. The project to create an International Standard Zoo at Gorewada, Nagpur was entrusted to the Forest Development Corporation of Maharashtra, Nagpur, Maharashtra State, India a wholly owned company of the Government of Maharashtra (GoM). The Safari Park is being developed on a Design, Build, Finance, Operate and Transfer (“DBFOT”) basis in public private partnership (“PPP”) mode. To make the Zoo Park financially viable, the State transferred additional 26 Non-Forest Land for commercial utilization.

Gorewada Tiger Reserve

Item Gorewada Gate Jungle Safar Cycle Trek (Gorewada Cycle) Cycle Trek (Private cycle)
1 Closed for tourism on Thursday Thursday Thursday
2 Maximum
Number of Vehicles
Morning 10 1 1
Evening 10 1 1
Night 6 0 0
3 Park Entry Fees per Vehicle 300 ( Night Safari 400) 100 Rs. /Cycle (Min. 3 - Max 5) 40 Rs. /Cycle (Min. 3- Max 8)
4 Guide Fees 200 250 250
5 Park closure period Jungle safari will be closed during wildlife census period


1st Oct to 30th Nov
Entry Exit Entry Exit
11am 9pm 11am 9pm
1st Dec to 28th / 29th Feb
Entry Exit Entry Exit
11am 9pm 11am 9pm
1st Mar to 30th April
Entry Exit Entry Exit
11am 9pm 11am 9pm
1st Dec to 28th / 29th Feb
Entry Exit Entry Exit
11am 9pm 11am 9pm

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