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Sannihitha Technologies
Here Sannihitha Technologies Provide Classroom , Online and Corporate Training.
We Provide Training and placement with Experienced Faculty.

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Posted By : mahi k
Posted On :10 July 2019
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Top Popular Places in Nagpur


Nagpur is not just the geographical center of India but also a hub for tourism, thanks to its plethora of attractions ranging from historical landmarks to natural wonders. Here are the top 25 places that make Nagpur a memorable destination: Deekshabhoomi Deekshabhoomi, a Dhamma Chakra Stupa, is a sacred site in Nagpur. This stupa, which honors the magnificent Sanchi Stupa, was constructed by renowned architect Sheo Dan Mal. Here, you can take in tranquil moments and get a peek into Buddhist art, architecture, and culture. Historians are al

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