Hotel Flora Inn

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Hotel Flora Inn
Affordable Accommodation in Nagpur Near Airport

Flora Inn is an elegant modern day business hotel which is strategically located and offers all amenities to provide utmost comfort. It has 24 spacious rooms in total, classified into Deluxe and Super-Deluxe accommodations. This hotel offers free unlimited wireless internet connectivity throughout the property. A complimentary breakfast is offered to the guests. The facilities in all the rooms.

No occasion is complete without an over-the-top celebration. Blossom, our Nagpur banquet hall provides you the perfect setting for a rocking party. The ambience of the room is breathtaking and will perfectly fit all your celebration needs. Apart from personal gatherings, you can also host business conferences, corporate parties, seminars, training sessions, alongside business meets, product launches, press meets, etc. Our hotel staff is happy to help you out in making all the arrangements for any event or occasion. We always strive towards making our guests feel satisfied about our services and overall experience. So, you can trust us to make all your special occasions, even more special.

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