Raja Raghuji Rao and Kunwar Lakshaman Rao are the representatives of the Bhonsla family name is derived from a village Bhosawat near the fort Bhosa in Bombay. Their father janoji Rao was adopted in 1855 by Daryabai the widow of the last Bhosla Raja Raghuji III. Their real grandfather was a member of the Ahirrao clan and married a great-grand daughter of Raghuji II, so that they belong by bllod to the family on the mother’s side. The eldest member of the house retains the title of Raja of Deor, a village in Bombay, and is addressed as Raja Bahadur. The brothers receive pensions of Rs. 50,000 and Rs. 12,000 respectively from a fund created from the personal property of Raja Raghuji III, while their mother and sisters get a pension of about Rs. 30,000.

They have also succeeded to the large private estate of the late Raja which yields an income of about three lakhs, a considerable part of the estate being held free of revenue. During the Raja’s minority the estate was managed by the Court of Wards and was released free of encumbrances in 1893. In 1900 it was partitioned between the brothers, both of whom are somewhat heavily involved. The Raja and his brother possess some very valuable jewellery. Their marriages are arranged with the other Maratha clans of high standing, and Lakshman Rao has recently married a relative of the Gaikwar of Baroda. Raghuji Rao is 35 years old and has two sons . Lakshman Rao is 33 years old and has a daughter.



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