FAMOUSE NAGPUR : Amusement Water Park Nagpur

Fun N Food Village Nagpur started in the year 1999.It is located on   NH-6 Amravati highway, 35 kilometers from Nagpur in a historical   Bazargaon Village. It is spread over 235 acres-60 acres developed as   Amusement park and Aqua Park and has a capacity to cater 10000 guests   per day.

Balwant Singh Chawla says-"The definition of 'Amusement' should be   what people don't see every day.""Everyone her is going for local theme   with the ocean, palm trees etc.We wanted to do something that was not   here in the Middle East. It's like Antarctica has come to Arabial."


At the foothills of a natural teak plantation, the overall theming   has been designed to amusement the greenery with the development of   significant areas lawn and aesthetically developed green areas. Pathways   in interlocking tiles take the guests through the facility.

Water & Amusement Park – The 60 acre site is developed an   Integrated Theme Park with multi part family recreation zones to include   water park rides, amusement park rides, residential accommodation, fast   food outlets merchandising outlets, an amphitheatre and associated   infrastructure facilities.


The Aqua Park section has been carefully designed as a family Aquatic   Centre with a combination of tube rides, body slides, an action river, a   wave pool and interactive play areas. The addition to the luna park   rides, the park offers 2 distinct boating experiences as Bumper boats   and Paddle boats. At the entrance of the Park is a located a pond   measuring 60 square meters for Bumper boats.

A combination of 17 luna park rides, bumper boats and paddle boats   provides a mix of kiddle rides, family rides and thrill rides to cater   to all age groups. The amusement rides have a combined peak ride   capacity of 3500 rides per hour. The overall development of this zone   includes well developed lawns, aesthetically developed green areas with   walkways made of interlocked titles. Inside the Amusement park zone is   another man made pond measuring 4000 square meters for the paddle boats.   For those with an athletic bent of mind, the Amusement Park Zone   includes a roller sheeting rink and a cycling track.




where is chota nagpur plateau located


  Location and Geography The Chota Nagpur Plateau is a significant geographical region located in eastern India. Predominantly spread across the state of Jharkhand, it also extends into parts of Odisha, West Bengal, Bihar, and Chhattisgarh. This plateau forms the northeastern part of the Deccan Plateau and is distinguished by its rich mineral resources and diverse landscape. Geological Features The Chota Nagpur Plateau is an ancient landmass composed mainly of Precambrian rocks, which are some of the oldest geological formations on

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